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    Dreaming of heading out and exploring the world? Not sure how to do it? Afraid of setting out alone? Don’t be! I’ll help you overcome your worries and share 25 years of solo traveling experience with you. Don’t miss out on your adventure of a life time!

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    Through fun and effective tutoring, life at school will become bright and colorful again. I’ll help you catch up and excel!

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    The right book! Read and enjoy “Wo bitte gehts hier um die Welt? – “8 Jahre Abenteuer und Reisen einer Fremdsprachenlehrerin” and “Zwischen Bikini und Abaya – 3 Jahre im Oman, Erlebnisse einer jungen Europäerin” (German only)

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Experience the Power of Personalized Online Learning

Unlock your full potential with personalized, engaging, and professional online lessons.

Discover the power of tailor-made learning experiences that fit your schedule, goals, and learning style. Enhance your language skills, gain confidence, and broaden your horizons from the comfort of your own home.

Flexible. Individual. Professional.

Learn Online via Skype

Whether you aspire to master German or English, need tutoring, or seek advice on solo traveling for women (with or without young children), I am here to guide you every step of the way. With my expertise in intercultural training and working globally, I assist foreign business people residing in Germany and provide German managers with invaluable insights into how their management and communication styles are perceived abroad.

Scroll on. Discover more. Find your passion.

Unleash the excitement of learning and embark on an enriching journey of knowledge and cultural understanding. Together, let us shape a brighter future for you. Scroll down to explore my wide range of courses and open doors to endless possibilities.

Are you ready to step up your English or German game and achieve success in your own individual way? Say hello to my tailor-made online lessons, “Learn English or German for your own purposes!” Each 1:1 session is designed to boost your confidence and overcome any fears you may have speaking. This highly-flexible and fun program offers learners of all levels lots of hands-on advice on language learning, with a 100% focus on each individual participant’s needs. You’ll determine the pace and content of each lesson, with no travel costs or wasted time on group needs. We can share files (e.g. via Dropbox) and by using Skype’s convenient and easy-to-use chat function you will always have an exact record of each lesson.

Whether you’re looking to improve your business communication skills or simply communicate more effectively with your non-native English-speaking friends and family, I am here for you.

Are you a foreigner living in Germany or planning to move there?  Are you ready to become an intercultural savant and impress your colleagues, friends, and clients with a deeper understanding of German culture? Look no further than my “Demystifying the Germans” interactive workshop! With a maximum of 6 participants, this personalized training will cover everything from the spoken and unspoken rules of the workplace and society to the ins and outs of stereotyping, communication styles, and navigating tricky situations. I will guide you through each topic, providing invaluable insights and practical examples to enrich your learning experience. By the end of our 4-hour workshop, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate intercultural scenarios in any setting. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to broaden your horizons and enhance your cultural intelligence!

Are you a student at school and struggling with your marks in German, English or Spanish? Together we can find a way to help you improve. I will provide you with fun and motivating tutoring lessons and you will see that in no time you will enjoy school much more. We will go over the materials you have covered in class and do some extra practice until you’re a real pro.

For all who wish to set out on their own traveling, but feel that something is keeping them from just doing it, I have a lot of advice and 25 years of hands-on experience. I’ll help you discover what kind of traveler you really are and how you can go about pursuing your adventures on the road.

All my trainings are tailor made, live “face to face” sessions with the great benefit that you can be anywhere in the world and learn from the comfort of your home or any other place you choose. All you need is a stable internet connection, a headset and the free software Skype (You can download it at www.skype.com)

I will be your personal guide. From the moment you contact me, to discussing your needs and designing and teaching your lessons.

Any Level – Any Time – Any Place

Learning online via Skype is the ideal method for anyone who would like to:

  • stay flexible
  • learn at their own pace
  • study from a location that suits them best
  • get ahead without wasting precious time on travel
  • have a say in the content and structure of the lessons
  • determine the start, duration and intensity of the course
  • have a teacher who understands that language is not only about grammar rules and vocabulary but also about building self-confidence and overcoming any fear of speaking (= language coaching)

Embark on a language journey with me!

Other than just using a free language app on the internet, you still have a personal language expert at your side who will help, explain, understand and motivate you!

People are often complaining that the internet and all technological advances are leaving them with less time and more stress than before. However, you can also make the internet save time for you! Learn languages online via Skype without losing time on travel or committing to long term group courses that don’t meet your demands or schedule.

Benefits for You



  • learn from the comfort of your home or office or any surroundings that suit you best
  • learn at a time that fits your schedule
  • no commitment to long term courses
  • immediate start

Save Time & Money


  • no travel time or expenses
  • no registration or hidden fees
  • risk-free trial
  • one contact person from time of first enquiry to actual online lessons
  • corrections and explanations in real time
  • ideal for employee training and professional development

Tailormade Lessons


  • learn with a bilingual native speaker who has 25+ years experience in language teaching and learning
  • have a teacher who understands that it’s not always the grammar rules that make speaking difficult but sometimes the lack of self-confidence. (= language coaching)
  • lessons based on your individual needs
  • you decide on the course content
  • you determine the pace
  • intensive lessons possible

Curious to read how others like you improved?

Through Learning Online via Skype

“After unsuccessfully trying many methods and many teachers to improve my German, I came across Nina and her learning method via Skype. Working internationally, my work and travel schedules did not allow me to attend classes regularly or even have an effective one-on-one tutoring schedule; it simply didn’t work it! Skype’s flexibility was the only method which worked for my needs. I had tried Skype learning before but the tutor didn’t master the medium very well and it was difficult to follow and it wasn’t a very well structured and documented learning approach. Nina really masters the method like no one I have ever seen before. The combination of video, chat notes, and Dropbox is an absolute winner! This, coupled with her pleasant demeanor and dazzling smile, makes Nina the absolute best teacher I could ever ask for. I would highly recommend Nina to anyone who needs  to learn German!”

“For a few months now I have my weekly skypecall with Nina and really look forward to this appointment every time. The relaxed talks with lots of humor put variety into my everyday life. And the best is: I’m learning something during these calls! The immediate corrections while talking to each other, which I can review afterwards in the chat records, help me improve my vocabulary on various topics.  Nina explains normally “boring grammar points” clearly and has just the right worksheets prepared and ready to use in dropbox, leading to many “aha”- moments for me. I really enjoy the English lessons with Nina and I improve my language skills every single week.”

Amelie Heinz

„A few months ago I was looking for a short-term possibility to improve my Business-English and found Nina – a stroke of luck. Nina was very flexible when it came to finding time slots for our lessons and she prepared me perfectly for my business meetings. She also gave me practical tips on how to improve my English outside of  lessons and without living in an English speaking environment. Learning English is really fun with such a pleasant and likeable teacher.“

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Best Prices

On top of all the above mentioned benefits I offer clear and competitive prices. You get excellent value for money and only pay for as many classes as you would like to book. There are no hidden fees, no small print, no material costs or registration fees. Remember, each class is designed only FOR YOU and you will get the most out of each lesson.

If learning via Skype is new for you or you would just like to meet with me online first, I offer a trial lesson at a greatly reduced rate. Of course there is no booking obligation after the trial. You can even get free lessons for yourself if someone you know also signs up for online German or English classes.

Contact me today to get the best deal on your preferred course!

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