How to Quickly and Permanently Improve Your Language Skills With These Free Resources For Learning German Online

Ideally you should invest a few hours a week outside of your lessons to get the most out of learning a new language. Regular practice helps you stay motivated and get ahead. By looking at all 4 skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) you can always find something to focus on.

In this blog post on Links and Resources for Learning German Online I try to give you some ideas and introduce you to some useful apps on how to expand your knowledge of German daily. This list will be constantly updated, so keep coming back. All resources I mention are free (or otherwise stated).

If you are also learning English, head over to my list of incredible useful links and resources on learning English online.







  • Deutsch für dich: Community of international learners of German. Great exchange, excellent materials.
  • Learn German with Jenny: Jenny has developed an app to learn German (not free, subscription) but she has an amazing set of videos that will help you learn German from level A1-B2. She has great pronunciation and will really help you improve.
  • Storytelling: This Storyplanet- app is for levels B1 aiming for B2 and even higher. Get a new story every day and be able to look up vocabulary for free. No registration or ads! Paid version gives you access to even more stories and learning tools.
  • vocabulary for certain professions, free, no registration, open source