Intercultural Training – Demystifying the Germans

Interactive Workshop

Ever wonder why Germans like to book their December holidays in January? Why they would never run a red light?

Are you a foreign national and work in Germany? Do you wonder why Germans focus so much on pre-planning and only work on one thing at a time? Why they don’t like to engage in small talk or praise? Why they say directly what they mean? How they deal with time, conflict and  hierarchy?

If you would like to find out more about the spoken and unspoken rules that prevail in the workplace and society, then my 4 hour interactive workshop on “Demystifying the Germans” is exactly right for you.  We will look at general stereotypes and why we humans even “think in stereotypes.” You’ll find out all about general communication and the German way of communicating in particular. Together we’ll explore how to deal with conflict, how to avoid faux-pas both in social life as well as in the business world.

By the end of the workshop you might still not agree with everything but you’ll have a much deeper understanding of why Germans do things a certain way and that if they seem reserved it has nothing to do with you personally. You will feel much more at ease and self-confident in your new surroundings.

For my workshop I use the collaborative software MURAL. I designed the workshop for a maximum of 6 participants. The workshop is a lively mix of theory, and active participation and collaboration.

My role is to be a facilitator and consultant. I recommend that you follow up on the workshop with an individual one-on-one coaching session to clarify any issues you are facing in Germany. I am not a business coach but I can consult on any topics related to culture and/or language.

If you would also like to improve your German I’d be happy to help you withy any needs you have.