Goal oriented tutoring for German and English

Effective Tutoring Online

For students of all school types and age groups, I offer individual online tutoring. My lessons are available for the following subjects and subject combinations:

German flag, Tutoring German


Flags of English speaking countries, Tutoring English


Lessons take place online via Skype. Together we…

  • … create a solid understanding of the foreign language
  • … learn how to make language fun and communicate with others
  • … focus on the current school curriculum and subject materials
  • … strive to close knowledge gaps as quickly as possible
  • … find pleasure in learning and speaking

Students are invited to contribute their own suggestions, topics and teaching materials.

Why Online Lessons via Skype are Perfect for Effective Tutoring

Distance learning via Skype has many advantages: students and parents (!) do not waste time traveling to their tutor’s home, moreover saving on fuel and travel expenses.

Additional practice material can be exchanged quickly and easily, e.g. via Dropbox. Access is possible any time and the documents can be printed, edited and uploaded as needed.

Thanks to the camera a Skype session is almost like having a real face to face lesson.

Online education is one of the best and most successful methods of language learning. (article in German)

How other students could already benefit from effective online tutoring.

Recommendations by other students (translated)

“I can highly recommend these English courses/tutoring classes. Highly qualified! 2 thumbs up!

Karin Reheis

“Having tried various tutors for the subjects of German and English, I was about to despair, until I found Nina. My goal was to improve my German and English marks. For two years now I have been studying and practicing with Nina. I have really improved which is not only noticeable in my better grades at school, but also in my choice of words: Through Nina’s teaching, I not only expanded my vocabulary, but I also learned that tutoring can be fun. She prepares interesting topics and tasks. Nina was always great to work with, and always a great help. She and I also got along very well on a personal level: In addition to focused learning, there were always funny moments that created a pleasant atmosphere and helped me stay motivated. Nina is an open-minded, friendly, very dedicated and experienced teacher who helped me achieve my goals. I’m very grateful to her for that.”

“As someone who had been learning German for over 5 years, I had a decent foundation but issues with grammar. Nina helped me vastly improve my German through Skype lessons by providing great resources in only a few months. Each lesson is an enjoyable and productive session of improving my German speaking and writing skills.”

All information about prices, booking and contact can be found here.  Just get in touch!

If you are interested in a deeper understanding of the German culture and why German do things a certain way, you might be interested in my remote workshop “Demystifying the Germans”. Of course you can also book tailormade English and German classes.