Get Free German or English Online Lessons

Easiest way to earn some free German lessons online or English lessons online for yourself is to get your friends to sign up!

If you are convinced that learning German or English via Skype is the way to improve your language skills, why not tell your colleagues, friends and family about it. I’m sure they would love to benefit as much as you!

Everyone should have the opportunity to  study at a time and p(l)ace that suits him or her perfectly.

How many free lessons can you earn?
Your Friend Signs up forYou Get Free Lessons For Yourself
40 x 45 min German or English Online Lessons4
30 x 45 min German or English Online Lessons3
20 x 45 min German or English Online Lessons2
10 x 45 min German or English Online Lessons1

If your family or friends  don’t have any experience yet in learning via Skype, I recommend you share with them why this method works best. (Article in German)

This way not only you benefit by getting some extra lessons for yourself but also your friends will thank you for showing them this convenient way of online language learning.

Definitely a win-win-situation for everyone!