Absolute Essential Links That Will Help You Learn English Online Even Faster

Valuable resources that make your time worthwhile

The internet has a wealth of resources to help you learn or improve almost any language or skill. The time consuming part is to wade through it all and see which resources, apps, etc. work well for you.

On a mission to help you improve and get the most out of your time, I’ve put together some nice practical and free resources for learning English online. Keep coming back as I’ll be adding to this list regularly.

If you are a German native speaker I have also some resources that will focus specifically on your needs.

Voice of America (VOA)offers news coverage spoken in simple American English with a core vocabulary of 1500 words.

englishgrammar101: Great comprehensive grammar site

All you’ve ever needed to know about grammar: links to almost anything grammar related from supersummary

English Exams: Learn about the different exams and find out which one is the best for you take.

Online dictionaries: Linguee gives you not only a translation but plenty of examples and context

learn-english-audio: Give your eyes a break from the screen and focus on your ears only! Audio ideas for all levels from fluentu

esl-youtube:  9 very different YouTube channels to learn English

writing: Write & Improve is a free service for learners of English to practise their written English. Submit your written work and receive feedback in seconds, covering spelling, vocabulary, grammar and general style.

ESL -Apps: 10 great apps for improving and having fun with English (free and $)

crossword: Why not improve your grammar with some these free grammar crosswords from englishmedialab

Public speaking: Some really great advice on public speaking

Songs: Turn up the volume and get ready to sing! Try this free and fun approach with modern songs to improve your English (Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate)

professionals-podcasts: This series of podcasts from the British Council helps you to improve your English for your career in the workplace and covers a large number of business and work themes. (Intermediate to Advanced level).

Listening Skills: Great way to improve your listening skills. Take a look at this site from British Council. Podcasts, interviews, lectures, phone calls…suitable for various levels and free!

monthly-topical-news-lessons: A great free resource from onestopenglish and The Guardian. Topical news lessons at 3 levels: intermediate, upper- intermediate and advanced. Includes exercises and vocabulary.

Advice and resources for parents:  A great free resource from Cambridge English. Many articles and resources for parents whose children are learning English.

Apps for all learners:  A great free resource from British Council. Various apps for download to improve pronunciation, wordpower, grammar. Also includes podcasts and videos.

Sounds: The Pronunciation App:  A great free app from Macmillan. both for learning and teaching pronunciation

Forvo:  The pronunciation dictionary

Resources on Social Media:  This great blog links to 150 free resources mainly to be found on social media (YouTube, Facebook, etc)

IELTS Academic Preparation Course: Join this free 8-week preparation course if you’re thinking of taking the IELTS exam.

TOEFL Preparation Course:Join this free 6-week preparation course if you’re thinking of taking the TOEFL exam.

Find a Tandem Partner: Practice speaking English with a tandem partner. They speak to you in English and you to them in your native language. Free and fun!

Podcast on current news headlines: 10 min podcast episodes from the BBC taking a close look at current news headlines with focus on vocabulary

BBC short podcasts 6 min podcast episodes at intermediate level from the BBC talking about all sorts of current topics. Listen and then try to summarize in your own words!

1000 common English words: Find out the most common 1000 words in English with examples and learn them all!