Be Prepared – Everything you need to know about Moving to Germany, Education and Accreditation

Moving to Germany can be a fantastic experience – but it helps to be prepared. Surely, you will have lots of questions on visa types, accreditation, choice of programs, taxes and laws, education system, etc….With  this link collection I hope to guide you through the “organisational jungle”.

If you are interested in improving your German language skills quickly and efficiently  feel free to drop me a line. I have also put together a list of resources for you for learning German online.

General Info on Living In Germany

As a student or working professional – A Federal Government site covering all topics regarding your move to Germany, in English – Detailed information on “Visa for language learning” (3-12 months) in Germany

Moving to Germany – Info and links covering all topics on moving to and living in Germany (family, living, studying, visa, accommodation, etc…) from the Goethe Institut.

Info on (Tertiary) Education and Professional Training – Comprehensive information on Master’s Degrees – all infos on studying as an international student at university in Germany – Chart on how Professional Training (learning a trade) works in Germany

Accreditation of Academic and Professional Qualifications

Information in both German and English

ttps://– finding help and advice on what qualifications are recognized – Recognition Finder from the German Government – Chart on how recognition of PROFESSIONAL qualifications works outside of European Union – Chart on how recognition of ACADEMIC Qualifications works outside of EU  – Information in German on the accreditation process and who can help – Everything you need to know about housing, tenant’s agreements, etc