Nina Buschmann

Teach! Learn! Travel!

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My name is Nina Buschmann and I am a dedicated language trainer and intercultural trainer, travel enthusiast and freelance writer, and photographer.

Teaching is my passion and with more than 25 years of international teaching experience at all levels and for various nationalities, I am certain I can help you too! I have studied 8 languages myself – and still am (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, Japanese and Arabic) and therefore can relate very well to the challenges and sometimes the frustration.

Experience and Qualifications

I am looking forward to helping you learn German online, learn English online, as well as offering you tutoring classes and advice and seminars on “Traveling Alone as a Woman”. I also offer intercultural training. If you would like to better understand how the Germans think and communicate, you will get invaluable insights from me.

What makes my lessons unique, fun, and above all successful, is the fact that I have spent half of my life living and working in various countries around the globe, mainly in the US, Japan, Australia, South and Central America, the West Indies, and the Middle East.

 It all started at the age of six, when I moved with my family from Germany to Florida, allowing me to grow up bilingual. This advantage is still of great use to me today, as I teach English and German at native speaker level. 

Later, I went on to study languages (English, German and Spanish) at various universities in Germany, Ireland and Spain. I graduated with two Bachelor degrees in Linguistics and Literature.

Since then I have been successfully working on various great projects around the world. (You can read about some of the projects in my books in German)


Throughout my intensive and yearlong experiences abroad I have gained invaluable intercultural knowledge and therefore am an expert at designing individual trainings, incorporating language and culture, discovering exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and knowing what is vital to your successful stay abroad. If you are a foreigner living in or planning to move to Germany, I’ll be happy to introduce you to the “dos and don’ts” of German (work) culture. 

What’s the difference between studying with me or taking a course at a language school?

Why am I not teaching at a language school or holding group classes?

I have many years of experience doing exactly that and it was great. But I’ve come to realize that those group courses can focus only on the group as a whole and push through the curriculum regardless of an individual’s needs.

Perhaps a quick chat after class but unfortunately there isn’t much extra time to concentrate on each person.

Therefore, I have decided to only focus on the individual and what they need. If you have time for homework – great! – if life got in the way of doing it – it’s ok, we’ll continue where we left off or take an in-depth look at any important issue that’s on your mind today.

Got an important email you need to reply to? – no problem, we’ll draft it together.

Still not sure when to use Simple Past or Present Perfect – don’t worry, we’ll go over it again.

Hate writing and don’t need it for everyday life? – no need to waste time on it in our one on one class.

I believe this freedom to design every class based on a participant’s current need is quintessential to keep students motivated and give them what they need and deserve, so they can advance at the pace suitable for them.
No doubt, many times a group class is the best solution and I definitely won’t stand in the way of that or discourage you to attend one, but if you want to get ahead and focus on yourself,  one-on-one classes might just be what you need.