Get inspired and creative with these amazing resources!

Are you an English teacher looking for new ideas and resources? Do you wish to enhance your teaching knowledge and improve your style?

For you I have put together a list of amazing online ESL resources for teachers. Links to articles and materials that are free, inspiring and useful. Feel free to contribute and share! Happy teaching!

Teacher Training and Further Development

Links to blogs, articles, videos and webinars

Free Cambridge Course on becoming an ESL Teacher: Free 6 week course from FutureLearn, starting at different times throughout the year. Learn what it means to be a TEFL or English Language Teacher, and start preparing for your first teaching job. 26 inspiring talks from IATEFL

Cambridge Webinars: here’s the schedule for Cambridge’s free webinars for teachers

Giving Feedback: Great Article with 5 tips on giving productive feedback to students by motivating them at the same time!

Reflections on Teaching and Learning – Blog: Great Blog by Lizzie Pinard on Teaching, research, Delta, material development, etc.

Copyright: What exceptions are there for teaching materials? What do you need to know about licenses and copyright?

Resources for English Educators from University of Maryville: Advice on where to teach ESL, requirements, Resources for ESL Teachers, etc.

Free Webinars from Cambridge English: webinars on youtube on all topics relevant to English teachers

BBC Teaching  Skills: Plenty of hands on advice for different “how to teach…?” topics

ESL Lesson Plans:  Lesson Plans, developing skills, activities, etc. Very comprehensive collection from yourdictionary

Resources for the Digital Teacher

Resources for Teaching Online lots of links and infos on the digital classroom

Planning online lessons: 19 successful online teachers share their tips and resources for planning online lessons

Tools for the Digital Teacher

Platforms, software and apps for Teaching Online

Skype: my preferred platform for video and web conferencing, especially for 1-1 lessons. Skype is the only platform where the chat history gets saved and you can edit chat messages. Extremely useful if you’ve made a spelling mistake or want to add some extra information to a message at a later point in time. And it’s free!

Zoom: platform for video and web conferencing, the basic plan is free

Miro: simple whiteboarding platform for cross-functional team collaboration, free basic plan

General Teaching Materials

Materials that can be used in the classroom or for online teaching resources to help you prepare your students for Cambridge exams

Cambridge Free Lesson Plans: celebrating 5 years of official exam preparation materials

Applied Linguistics: 10 Guidelines for Pronunciation Teaching

Perfect English Grammar:  a website that clearly explains all tenses and their use including some exercises and additional “premium” material

ESL Games:  a website dedicated to ESL online games for all ages and levels

All things Grammar:  1000+ quality worksheets from A-Z, printable

Tefltastic Blog:  Everything on Tefl by Alex Case: worksheets, teaching tips, specialised vocabulary, articles, etc

We are Teachers:  30 free resources not only for ESL teachers. Materials for young learners in a school environment, guided reading, science, creative arts,….

Tools: English tools range from simple tools that can alphabetize your sentences or generate word searches to worksheet creators. Most of the tools have lots of options for customization, as well as different fonts and colors. Moreover, all tools are designed to be user-friendly and offer major text input range (i.e. high character limit). Try them out!

Grammarism is a free website for English grammar practicing.
All the exercises and worksheets on Grammarism have been generated automatically. Your students will never run out of practice materials! Suitable for beginners to intermediate levels.

Breaking News English: Current news including readings, listenings, activities, games, vocab. There are 2 new lessons every week.