Amazing tools and resources for anyone learning a language

All free (or stated otherwise)!

I’ve put together a list of top links for language learners that will come in handy for anyone trying to learn a new language. Discover unique ways of starting a conversation, take a test to find out what learner type you are or read what tips other learners have for you. If you are interested in resources for learning English online or learning German online, take a look there, too.

Take this test from North Carolina State University to instantly  find out what type of learner you are

Not sure how to start a conversation? Here are 250 quality conversation starters and if humor is more your thing: 93 really funny ones!

Read this interesting article from Lifehacker: 4 stages of language learning. The author, an opera singer, has managed to learn various languages in a rather short period of time.

CNet put together a list of 10 great language learning apps, most of them you need to pay for, however you might want to check them out.

Find a Tandem Partner: Practice speaking any language with a tandem partner. Find a partner who will speak to you in the language you want to learn and you to them in your native language. Free and fun!

Extremely comprehensive site of free resources for everyone: college students, teachers, kids, working professionals and English language students. Make sure to check out these educational resources from Grabon. You’ll find online libraries, ebooks, courses, websites, etc.