Girl pushing cart, Travel Alone as a Woman

Traveling Alone

You can do it!

Are you a traveler at heart?

Have you been holding back from following your dreams just because you didn’t find the right travel partner?

Do you envision yourself visiting stunning cities in Europe, rainforest in South America or tropical islands in the Caribbean?

Don’t let being alone keep you from embarking on these amazing adventures!

Traveling alone – also as a woman! is definitely doable, I’ve been doing it for over 25 years and I will show you that there’s nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, sometimes traveling with someone makes you less open to new people and new situations. Just take one little step out of your comfort zone and you’ll be having the experience of a lifetime! Take a look at all the countries I have traveled to so far.

Just drop me a line via email or the contact form and we can discuss how I can help you set out on the adventure you deserve!

If you’re in love with traveling and would like to find out more how to travel with (young) kids, I can also help you! My son is now 10 and has been to over 70 countries! Kids can be the best travel partners and will open many doors for you that would otherwise remain closed.

Many parents are afraid of taking their children out of their familiar surroundings, but children are extremely adaptable and so curious! With a little planning and a little foresight, mothers / fathers + child can share unique experiences that connect forever! In my blog you can also find some of our experiences on the topic of “(world) travel with children”.

In my book “Wo bitte geht’s hier um die Welt? – 8 Jahre Abenteuer und Reisen einer Fremdsprachenlehrerin” you can read about 8 years of my traveling and working abroad life. This book is a collection of true stories, but not a “how to” book. If you can read and understand German I’m sure this book can get you inspired. (and if you don’t master German yet you can always book a course with me!). And of course I’ll also be more than happy to help you feel more confident in speaking English.

Should speaking in a foreign language freak you out, you can read on my blog how to overcome speech inhibition.

Traveling alone as a woman, with baby, stroller and backpack, travel with kids